Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

At Norfolk Aircraft Interiors, we specialize in customizing the interiors of both single piston and twin piston aircraft, offering a wide range of refurbishment options. Whether you’re looking to restore your aircraft to its original factory appearance or update it with a modern, contemporary design, our extensive selection of materials, textures, and patterns is designed to cater to every preference. Our expertise extends across the spectrum of aviation, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that enhance the classic elegance or avant-garde style of your single or twin piston aircraft. Some of our services include:

  • Custom stitching of leather seats and wall panels.

  • Custom embroidered logos designed into the seats or panels.

  • Seat foam re-shaping

  • Seat frame refurbishment

  • Refinishing of interior surfaces-door jambs, thresholds, handles, levers,

  • Wall panel fabrication and covering.

  • Seat foam re-shaping

  • Adjustable lumbar support

  • Flammability testing of materials installed to meet FAA requirements

  • Custom carpet installation

  • Required Documentation and Logbook entries

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Single Piston Aircraft

We service all single piston aircraft interior refurbishment & upholstery requests.

Twin Piston Aircraft

We service all twin piston aircraft interior refurbishment & upholstery needs.

Cirrus Aircraft

We specialize in Cirrus aircraft interior refurbishment needs.

Beechcraft Aircraft

Have a King Air, Baron, Denali or other? We can help refurbish them.

Cessna Aircraft

Looking to upgrade your Cessna model aircraft with an updated interior?

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